We think sustainably

to contribute to a better future.


We are a mother-daughter company from Berlin


The idea for mobob® evolved as we questioned the purpose of the current technological evolution of automated lawn mowers. Both trained as engineers, it soon became our motivation to offer an ecological and socially reasonable alternative.

During several summer months we mowed meadows and lawns from Germany to Austria and tested prototypes. We then used the gained insights during the winter months, in order to optimize the construction, electronics and design of the device, which we envisioned would one day become the mobob® battery mulching mower. 

We deliberately spent a lot of time on the design process, because making something look good and simple always requires a lot of work.

Intelligent technology and good, sustainable design are our passion - our claim is to combine both. We believe, only then is a product, a really good product.


Cora and Undine Pielot