The mobob® battery mulching mower is:

ecologically sensible

Mulching with mobob® protects the environment and is ecologically and economically sensible.


Healthy grass grows so strongly that it produces 3-6 kg of grass clippings per square meter over the course of a year.

If grass clippings are removed while mowing, valuable nutrients are removed from the soil. If then the lawn is not additionally chemically fertilized, the soil will become depleted and the lawn will be stunted.

In addition, the disposal of grass clippings with domestic or residual waste is not allowed in many communities and composting is laborious and time-consuming.


Instead, grass clippings contain organic components and up to 90% water. When mulching, the clippings and thus all the contained nutrients maintain as natural fertilizer for the lawn. At the same time, the mulch protects the soil from dehydration. Another advantage for the environment is that the organic nutrients of the grass clippings cannot be washed out and thus, in contrast to fertilization with chemical preparations, do not pollute the groundwater.

The razor-sharp blades of the mobob® battery mulching mower cut the turf accurately over a width of 37 cm. The sharp cut leaves the grass blades smooth without destroying their cell structure. Therefore the mulch is dry, does not clump and breaks down faster.

In order to avoid blunt knives, we suggest to replace the blades at least once per mowing season with a new set of mobob® replacement blades. 


And here comes another advantage: due to its special construction, even long grass can be easily mowed with mobob®.

Many conservationists recommend to extend the periods between mowing. By mowing the lawn less often you give clover and dandelion the opportunity to blossom. This provides a natural habitat for insects. Many bee species, bumblebees, flies, butterflies and other insects can benefit from it.


That's why mowing with mobob® is sustainable and guarantees you a healthy, lush green lawn!