The mobob® battery mulching mower is:

efficient and energy saving

The mobob® battery mulching mower uses a 12-lead-gel battery with a capacity of 18 Ah, which has the following advantages over lithium-ion batteries:

  • Lead-gel batteries have long been tried and tested in automotive engineering - they are robust and safe
  • Lead-gel batteries can be used without complex battery management
  • Lead-gel batteries are cheaper than comparable lithium-ion batteries
  • Lead-gel batteries are easy to recycle and can be recharged by solar or wind energy

To achieve optimal mowing time with just one battery charge, the total motor power of the mobob® battery mulching mower is only 60W. With one battery charge, you can mow continuously for up to 2 hours. This corresponds to a lawn area of about 800 square meters. In practice, mowing time depends on the nature of the lawn to be mowed and the condition of the lead-gel battery (care and age).