The mobob® battery mulching mower is:

noiseless and easy to handle

Mulching with mobob® is very relaxing - it is easy, comfortable and noiseless.


With a sound pressure level of only about 40 dB (A), the sound of the mobob® battery mulching mower is comparable to the sound of rustling leaves or a rushing brook. 

This is ensured by the use of particularly low-noise, high-quality industrial DC motors.


The ball-bearing front wheels have a diameter of 20 cm and broad groove profiles. In combination with its low weight, mobob® does not leave tracks on the lawn. With its rear castor wheel, mobob® can be maneuvered around obstacles easily and can be turned effortlessly at the end of a mowing track.

Chassis and handlebar are made of powder-coated aluminum. The spar can be folded for transportation and storage.


The mobob® mowing box contains three DC motors with 20 W each. It is hung into the chassis according to the desired cutting height.

The handy mobob® battery box contains a 12V lead-gel battery. A vehicle Euro power socket serves as power supply for the mobob® mower box. After mowing, the mobob® battery box can be removed and easily carried towards the charger.

The three individual parts chassis (5.5 kg), mobob® mowing box (4.4 kg) and mobob® battery box (6.3 kg) can be transported seperately.