The mobob® battery mulching mower

makes mowing your favourite hobby!

mobob® battery mulching mower

incl. mobob® AKKUBOX with lead gel battery

Cutting width: 37 cm

Cutting height: adjustable to 3-6 cm

Color: ruby red, coral red, stone gray

Material: plastic, aluminum

Power: max. 60 W

Sound pressure level: <70 dB (A)

Dimensions for transport and storage: 87 cm x 60 cm x 36 cm Weight:

mobob® mowing box and chassis: 9.9 kg

mobob® battery box with lead gel battery (12 V / 18 Ah): 6.3 kg

Price on request

mobob® AKKUBOX with lead gel battery

Plastic case with Vehicle Euro power socket (12-24 V / 20 A)

and lead gel battery 12V / 18 Ah

Color: black with red closures

Dimensions: 28 cm x 25 cm x 8 cm

Weight: 6.3 kg







96,00 € 

mobob® AKKUBOX without lead gel battery

Plastic case with Euro vehicle power socket and cable for use with

a lead gel battery 12 V / 18 Ah (181 mm x 76 mm x 167 mm)

Color: black with red closures

Dimensions: 28 cm x 25 cm x 8 cm

Weight: 0,5 kg








38,00 € 

Total price, free shipping 
3 - 4 weeks delivery time


Packing unit with 12 spare blades made of stainless steel

including screws and nuts for mounting






28,00 € 

Total price, free shipping 

3 - 4 weeks delivery time 

Note: Invoicing takes place without proof of value added tax according to §19 UStG.